Court of Protection

When an individual lacks the mental capacity to deal with his/her financial affairs, it may be appropriate to apply to the Court of Protection. The Court can appoint a trusted person to act on behalf of the individual as a 'deputy'. The deputy would be able to make decisions about the individual's property/financial affairs and/or their healthcare arrangements.

Under the Mental Health Act 2005, the Office of Public Guardian has a duty to supervise deputies appointed by the Court of Protection and keep a register of the deputies. In essence, the role of the 'deputy' is what the role of an attorney would be if there was a Power of attorney in place originally.

The process can take about 16 weeks in total for a deputy to be appointed. The timeframe varies and it depends on a number of factors as further information may often be required. In emergency situations whereby an urgent decision is needed, there is a fast track service that can take 24 hours only. Examples of 'emergency situations' would be if the individual is about to lose his/her home or if an urgent decision needs to be made about their health.

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