Top Tips for Employers

You must review and, if necessary, amend all your existing Policies and Procedures, in particular those relating to equal opportunities and harassment to comply with the Equality Act 2010.

Discrimination By Association

What this means for your workforce? Here is an example:

Debra works as a project manager and is looking forward to a promised promotion. However, after she tells her boss that her mother, who lives at home, had a stroke, the promotion is withdrawn. This may be discrimination against Debra because of her association with a disabled person. Debra may sue you, the employer, for discrimination under the Equality Act 2010. Great care need to be taken to ensure that the promotion had not been withdrawn because of the employee's association with a disabled person.

Perception Discrimination

Did you know that perception discrimination is actionable in an Employment Tribunal? Here is an example:

Steve is 45 years old but looks much younger. Many people assume that he is in his mid-20s'. He is not allowed to represent the Company at an International meeting because your Managing Director thinks that he is too young. Steve has been discriminated against on the perception of a protected characteristic, his age.

Beware: Steve can claim unlawful discrimination under the Equality Act.


Did you know that if any of your managers harasses an employee and creates an offensive environment, your Company can be sued, not only by the person who was harassed, but also by other employees who were not harassed, claiming that your manager created an offensive environment for them.

Prevention is better than cure - educate your workforce by updating your employees' handbook and policies to incorporate latest legislation and practice.

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