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How Handbooks Can Help

Staff handbooks or manuals are not yet a legal requirement. But as legislation continues to increase, they are an essential and cost-effective tool that can help any type of business run more smoothly. Above all, they ensure that from day one every member of staff is aware of the workplace policies they must follow.

Do I Need To Provide Staff With A Handbook As Well As A Contract?

Handbooks and individual contracts should supplement each other. By including certain employee policies in a handbook instead of an employment contract, you reduce your exposure to breach of contract claims.

In addition, when the law changes, making adjustments to a universal manual instead of introducing amendments to every employee contract is a much more straightforward and cost-effective way of meeting your legal requirements.

Bespoke Staff Handbooks From Charles Gregory Solicitors

At Charles Gregory Solicitors in Hammersmith, we work with small-and medium-sized businesses, many without the advantage of their own in-house Solicitor. We offer a range of packages for ongoing advice on all employment law matters, including the preparation of tailor-made staff handbooks that we can easily review at regular intervals.

Complying with the law on staff policies is a cumbersome task. We are here primarily to help your business comply with the law on staff policies without you having to pay disproportionately for it.

The Details - What You Need To Include In A Handbook

Every business is different. Its values and culture are unique. Our job is to understand the way you work and decide what policies apply to your organisation. Factors we need to consider include the age and number of your staff, the type of industry you operate in and your business priorities. Policies we will incorporate may include:

  • Grievance and disciplinary procedures
  • Holiday entitlement and procedures for booking time off
  • Remote working
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Sickness and compassionate leave
  • Whistleblowing
  • Equal opportunities

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