Outsourcing & White Labelling

The legal landscape is expected to change with the introduction of alternative business structure. The Solicitors Regulatory Authority has received the first lot of applications. Although there is some doubt as to when they will be authorised, we expected this to happen before the end of the year if not sooner.

Are these new structures going to be ready to deliver in an industry where client culture for speed and professionalism is imperative? Well perhaps outsourcing or white labelling is an option.

What Is The Difference Between Outsourcing/Legal Process Outsourcing And White Labelling?

According to Wikipedia, Legal Process Outsourcing "is the practice of a law firm or corporation obtaining legal support services from an outside law firm." According to Wikipedia, "[it] enables a successful brand to offer a service without having to invest in creating the technology and infrastructure."

White labelling is a complete service from initial instructions to chasing up costs. Whereas outsourcing can be for a specific operations such as dealing with medical reports, RTA portal or costs.

Our Service

We can offer whatever suits you. We are a firm that has the specialist skills and experience to run an efficient operation. We are subject to the same Outcomes Focused Regulations (OFR) and therefore you can entrust compliance with regulatory obligations by outsourcing to us.

Our goal is to work with you in a transparent manner so the processes are in place to deliver a high level of service and at a cost saving to your business.

We can improve speed of services by delivering processes within a time frame. This will lead to increased customer satisfaction and faster turnaround of fees.

What Does The Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) Say About Outsourcing?

In July 2010, the SRA issued its first statement on the subject, commenting:

"Where law firms are outsourcing... the SRA's guidance is that this is allowed on the basis that all the relevant rules are complied with (Solicitors Code of Conduct 2007) and that the arrangement is made transparent and is agreed with the Client."

In the SRA's new handbook it states:

"Although firms now have greater freedom in the way they offer services (eg outsourcing certain functions,) they may not abrogate responsibility for compliance with regulatory requirement."

Chapter 4, "that all appropriate steps to ensure that your client confidential information will be protected."

Chapter 7 , "Where you outsource legal activities or any operational functions that are critical to the delivery of any legal activities, you ensure that it is subject to contractual arrangements that enable the SRA or agents to obtain information from inspect records or enter the premised of the third party in relation to the outsourcing activities"

We support our outsourcing clients through all aspects of the change process and new regulations .

"I would love to see more firms working for the benefit of the client. Firms are not focusing on what they are really good at and instead try to do everything. We can increase a business's productivity level and their profit margins by offering them a complete service to their clients." -Rehana Hussain, Director of Charles Gregory Solicitors