Industrial Disease

Occupational and industrial deafness compensation claims became possible in 1963 when the Government confirmed that noise in the workplace could cause hearing loss and/or tinnitus. Since this time employers have had a legal duty to assess and monitor the level of noise within the work place and to protect their employees from excessive exposure.

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Our solicitors have conducted numerous claims on behalf of miners, steel worker and power station workers and highway maintenance employees. This also includes those suffering from noise induced hearing loss as a result of the workplace environment.

We offer an efficient friendly service as our solicitors are experts at tailoring our service to assist the individual's needs of our clients. Understanding how loss of hearing causes hardship and often struggle to cope with life's every day demand. We offer uncomplicated advice and support through the claims process. Our success is based on our expert advice and client communications/updates which we believe is paramount.

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Each employer must show that reasonable action has been taken by them to decrease the noise levels where any noise have been assessed as excessive. Where an employer cannot restrict the noise levels they must offer hearing protection devices.

As a result of employers ignoring or failing to follow the Government issued guidelines this has resulted in many employees suffering with industrial deafness. Therefore, if you believe that you have suffered hearing loss and were exposed to noise during the course of your employment then you may be entitled to receive industrial deafness compensation for your injuries.

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