Types of Visas

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At Charles Gregory Solicitors Limited, we assist clients across the globe in obtaining the appropriate visas to enter or remain in the United Kingdom. Using the latest technology, we help them effectively manage their applications through the entire immigration process.

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Understanding Visa Tiers

Visas for non-European Nationals are divided into five tiers. Each tier has several sub-categories within it corresponding to the specific nature of your visit and the length of time you will stay. Generally, the tiers are divided as follows:

  • Tier 1 — For highly skilled migrant workers who are seeking employment, investment opportunities or to start up a business. These visas allow individuals to live, work and apply for permanent settlement in the UK.
  • Tier 2 — For foreign nationals with an offer of employment from a sponsoring UK-based company. This tier also includes a route to permanent settlement.
  • Tier 3 — For temporary workers who may fill a void in the workforce if domestic workers are short, such as seasonal workers
  • Tier 4 — For students pursuing educational opportunities in the UK
  • Tier 5 — For temporary workers, athletes, volunteers, religious workers, entertainers/creative artists, au pairs and those participating in approved exchange programs

While the process of applying for a visa may seem straightforward, it can quickly become complex for the average person, especially one who is unfamiliar with UK Immigration laws and procedures. Our expert immigration team will help you understand your obligations and take the appropriate steps to secure your visa grant.

Hammersmith Solicitors for Visa Renewals

Once you have gained entry to the UK, we can help you with visa renewals or permanent settlement if you wish to remain in the country longer or indefinitely. If your renewal request is rejected, you will be required to return to your country of origin and re-apply for a new visa, so working with an experienced Immigration Solicitor can help you avoid possible mistakes and ensure your application is submitted correctly.

We offer our visa services on a fixed fee basis depending on your needs. To discuss your goals with one of our experienced Solicitors, please contact our office in Hammersmith, London, today. We offer a free telephone assessment to establish your eligibility for a visa.