Immigration Case studies

Indefinite Leave to Remain

Mr Daman was from Australia. He came into the UK on an ancestry visa. He had been living and working in the UK for 12 years. He wanted to apply for indefinite leave to remain but did not know what documents to include in the application.

We were able to guide him through and prepare the application on his behalf. Mr Daman was about to include the wrong documents with the application. We were able to advise him on what documents needed to be included to ensure that his application would be valid.

Spousal visa

Mrs Calloway was a British Citizen. She met her husband a few years ago in Barbados as that is where he lived. They fell in love instantly and decided to get married a few months later.

Mrs Calloway kept in contact with her husband via email and telephone. She would also visit him once a year. Mrs Calloway also sent her husband £200 every month to help him out in Barbados.

After all the recent news on the television, regarding changes to spousal visas, Mrs Calloway was keen to apply for a spousal visa but was worried about her eligibility.

We were able to assist Mrs Calloway with the spousal visa online. Mrs Calloway came into our office and we helped her every step of the way.

Tier 1 (general)

Mr Nestro worked for a retail Company as a HR Officer. He was originally from Kenya and came into the UK on a student visa. His Tier (1) general visa was about to expire but Mr Nestro did not know how to go about applying for an extension. Mr Nestro came with a bag of documents but didn't know which documents were useful and applicable.

We sifted through the documents and prepared the application for Mr Nestro to approve. Mr Nestro also wanted to add his wife on as a dependant to the visa and we were able to give him a discount on this.