Expert Solicitors Specialising in Claims

Charles Gregory Solicitors' Personal Injury Solicitors have vast experience of dealing with all types of injuries:

  • Broken bones including fractures
  • Whiplash Injuries
  • Ligament damage including cruciate ligament and tendon damage
  • Joint injuries including achilles heel, pelvic, clavicle and tennis elbow
  • Head injuries resulting in brain damage or memory loss
  • Psychological symptoms including post-traumatic stress disorder and stress
  • Chronic Pain including fibromyalgia
  • Serious injuries including amputations

Our Specialist Solicitors are experts in assessing whether a third party is at fault. We carry out instant risk assessments and provide you with our advice straightaway. Common instances where there is a clear duty of care and fault can be established include:

  • Road Traffic Accidents – whether as a pedestrian, cyclist, Motorbike or vehicle. Includes motorway accidents and fatal claims.
  • Employer's liability – Manual handling, not trained to carry out your duties, colleagues or a subcontractor where to blame. Not provided with safe appropriate equipment. Your place of work can be a construction site, warehouse, factory, shop or office.
  • Slips & Trips/ Falls – this can be due to poor health & safety in the workplace or wet surfaces, oil on roads or in public buildings. Includes tripping over pavements or potholes.
  • Faulty goods and services
  • CICA
  • Industrial Disease – noised induced deafness or hearing loss, vibration white finger and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Are you concerned that your employer may dismiss you if you make a claim for personal injury? We have an expert Employment Solicitor who can assist you.

We can provide professional legal advice/assistance to you and be open and upfront about your chances of success. We are happy to see you face to face to advice you.

All our personal injury cases are funded on a 'No Win, No Fee' basis (Conditional Fee Agreement). You will receive all your compensation free of any deductions. We are paid by the third party insurers directly. Contact us for further information