New Employment Tribunal rules

New Employment Tribunal rules of procedure introduced after 29th July 2013

Submitting a claim to the Tribunal- The Tribunal now have the power to reject a claim if it does not have the required information on it or if it is ineligible.

Responding to a claim- If a Respondent fails to respond to a claim within 28 day of receiving the ET1 application, then they will have to apply for 'reconsideration' of the decision made by the Tribunal

Identification of 'weak cases'- An Employment Judge will have the power to sift through ET1/ET3's applications/responses and decide whether or not a case is too weak to pursue or if the defence is too weak to defend. They will have the power to strike out the claim/response.

Default judgements- Tribunals will not automatically issue a default judgement if a response is not received by 28 days. They will have the power to decide whether or not a Respondent is permitted to participate in a hearing if a late response is filed.

Preliminary hearings replace Case Management Discussions and Pre-hearing reviews. At Preliminary hearings, a Respondent will be able to make an application to strike out a claim for example and a Claimant has to be prepared to be able to respond to this.