Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements (previously known as Compromise Agreements) prevent employees from taking legal action against their Employers in a Tribunal in exchange for financial settlement. They are often used following a redundancy or dismissal by the Employer. In order to be legally binding, however, employees have the right to review the document with an independent Solicitor, who must also sign it. There is no charge because your employer pays our fees.

Charles Gregory Solicitors Limited offers specialist services advising clients in all aspects of employment law, including Settlement agreements, redundancy and other matters. We equally represent employees and employers involved in settlement agreement negotiations as well as those involved in settlement agreement disputes.

We offer comprehensive advice for all employees. The legal ramifications of signing a settlement agreement can significantly impact your rights, so it is important to consult with an experienced employment Solicitor before you sign.

Helping You Understand Your Rights

Many settlement agreements contain language that is legally complex. Our Hammersmith Solicitors will review your settlement agreement with you and explain all terms and requirements in plain language so you fully understand the potential impact the agreement will have.

If you believe the terms of your agreement are inadequate, we can also help you negotiate with your Employer to achieve a fair resolution that protects your rights. If we believe that you may benefit from taking your claim to a Tribunal, we will tell you, offering dedicated legal representation until the conclusion of your case.

Our firm also advises Employers on the proper implementation of settlement agreements, redundancy, breach of contract issues and other matters of employment law.

If you require experienced advice regarding your settlement agreement or you are involved in a contract dispute over redundancy, contact our firm.