Construction Contracts: Limit The Risk

Construction contracts impose serious obligations on both sides while granting potentially lucrative rights and benefits. At Charles Gregory Solicitors in Hammersmith we have a dedicated team of property solicitors. Our clients are developers and landowners.

It is our job to protect your commercial interests — before you make any legal commitment.

We do this by working closely with you to painstakingly vet contracts and negotiate the most favourable terms possible. We provide cost-effective and objective advice on whether or not the contract is suitable for you and your business.

Assessing The Contract Terms: Are They Reasonable?

Few business people, builders or developers would enter a construction contract without seeking professional advice. It is critical that this guidance comes from specialist solicitors who can:

  • Realistically assess the proposed contract
  • Highlight onerous obligations
  • Exploit all available opportunities.

At Charles Gregory Solicitors we offer this high-level legal support at a reasonable cost.

Vetting The Contract: What We Look For

Vetting the proposed construction contract is critically important for your business. Contracts vetting means:

  • Reviewing the contract documents with careful attention to detail
  • Highlighting the risks and liabilities you will be assuming when you sign the contract
  • Suggesting ways to negotiate out or manage onerous clauses so that you protect your long term position

We will provide you with a comprehensive review of the contract in plain, understandable language and support you through the entire process until you sign the vetted contract. We are keen to work with businesses, construction companies and developers across London. Get in touch to discuss our services.

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