Suing the Clinic for a PIP Implant

Tens of thousands of women are facing the reality of serious health problems caused by breast implants from the discredited French company Poly Implant Prothese. Nearly 50,000, to be precise.

Plastic surgeons worldwide are recommending that these implants be removed as a precaution. Our Heath Secretary Andrew Lansley wants the private clinics to pay for any reversal procedures.

Some of these women have already complained that the private clinics won't give them a free screening to check if their implants are OK. Some clinics have already said they will, others are ignoring any duty of care to these women and trying to wash their hands of the whole affair. Indeed, no doubt they purchased the implants in good faith and it's not their fault.

If you have had the PIP breast implant and you have contacted your clinic and they are either ignoring you or refusing to pay for screening, removal procedure replacement then please contact us. We are Solicitors that sympathise with your situation and we will pursue against the clinic who clearly owe you a duty of care. We are prepared to provide this service on a "No Win No Fee" Basis.