Slip & Trip

Your compensation is 100% YOURS to KEEP!

If you had suffered personal injury by way of slip and trip in the last 3 years, you may be entitled to compensation. Our professional legal team will help you get compensation without charging YOU any fees.

Some of the most common accidents are caused by uneven paving or road surfaces. Generally the roads and pavements around the UK are maintained by local highways authorities who have a responsibility to ensure that the highways are properly maintained and are in a reasonable condition. In privately owned places however like supermarkets, leisure centres, restaurants, shops and offices the owners have a duty of care to protect people from injury and minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls and they have insurances to cover claims for compensation.

Where slips trips or falls have occurred through someone else's fault, through poor maintenance or in contravention of health and safety legislation then you're perfectly entitled to make a claim for compensation for your injury, financial loss and inconvenience incurred by the accident including and not restricted to unpaid absence from work, personal property, personal care needs, etc. At Charles Gregory Solicitors our approachable and supportive as well as professional advisors will effectively handle your claim so that the process of making a personal injury compensation claim is as simple and painless as possible.


In part or its entity to succeed with such a claim you must first be able to prove that the accident was the fault of someone else. For example if your accident occurred at work, in a shop, on the road or pavement then it has to be shown that it occurred because of neglect on the part of your employer, the shop owner or the Council.


It is important that you obtain some evidence in form of photographs, details of any witnesses or reference numbers from the negligent party such as the Council. This will aid to progress your claim, faster and more effectively.


No matter how minor or serious your injury it is important you receive the medical attention and care to get you past the pain and the physical difficulties. We work closely with a number of medical professionals and will thoroughly assess the status of your condition, how it can be expected to develop and how it might be resolved and what treatment can be provided.

Our careful considerations of your needs helps us to calculate an injury compensation claim that will provide the means to secure the treatment you need, for as long as you need it without having to worry about extra financial costs building up.