Road safety- Should Cyclists wear helmets?

Many people in the world involved in bicycle collisions suffer severe injuries to include head injuries, sadly leading to disability or death.

Such accidents and injuries may be as a result of a lack of appropriate protective clothing or cyclist/ other driver error.

People who are on low or average incomes may purchase a bicycle because it is a lot cheaper to run than a 4-wheeled motor vehicle, or simply because they enjoy riding bicycles, leaving them vulnerable to accidents because sometimes they just are not seen by other drivers, who can pull out from side roads or change lanes without taking due care and attention. Cases show that some drivers overtake cyclists whilst in motion on the road and failure to signal their intention can cause serious injuries.

There is much controversy on the merits of wearing a helmet and the freedom of choice to do so.

Wearing a helmet whilst on the move is very important because it may reduce the severity of the injury and the cost of treatment. The helmet is designed to protect the mechanism of the brain anatomy as an injury can affect the brain, skull, spinal cord, soft tissue and fluid.

If your helmet receives any severe impact, a new one should be purchased.

It is important to take necessary precautions and abide by the laws and regulations. Parliament has not yet legislated in this area of law but the Courts can move quite quickly taking into account the risks involved and contributory negligence will play a key part if helmets are not worn. We have already had legislation on car seats, seat belt requirements. The momentum is there to improve on road safety and it may only be a matter of time before wearing a helmet becomes mandatory.

The Highway Code, Rule 45 recommends wearing a helmet.

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