Dog Attack Injury Claims

It is important that dog owners and victims of attack comprehend the current legislation in England and Wales.

Current legislation governing this topic is based upon the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991, in which specific breeds, certain terriers and mastiffs were identified as Dangerous Breeds.

However this act assumes that the particular breed in question is at fault,

A new approach is currently being taken in that 'There is no bad dog, only bad dog owners, and the focus of the law will be on responsible dog ownership rather than specific dog breeds.

To this end a new statutory bill is currently in Parliament, and it as an Act of Law is expected to pass after Parliaments summers recess.

The DOG CONTROL BILL currently in Parliament, repeals the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1871, the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act 1997.

The Bill proposes to:-

  • keep a dog that has attacked a person or another protected animal, without reasonable cause;
  • encourage a dog to be aggressive or to intimidate people or other animals;
  • allow a dog to be aggressive or dangerously out of control in either a public or private place;

Seeking medical advice after an attack should be of prime concern. It is essential that medical problems and recommended treatments are detailed and followed. Even if the wounds or bites do not appear to be severe, it may be necessary to have tetanus or antibiotic injections.

This can be done by visiting the A&E department of your local hospital, or in the case of a dog-on-dog attack, your local Vet.

Any Dog Attack, even a dog-on-dog attack, should always be reported to the police, and efforts should be made to attempt to get the name and personal details of the dog owner in question, especially any witnesses to the event. Copies of any police reports will be valuable if legal action is taken.

Attempting to claim compensation for such an attack can be complicated, especially if it involves claims for medical bills, or vet bills on a dog-on-dog attack. Likewise victims may lose 'Time from Work' due to injuries, or in severe cases Permanent Disfigurement.

It is essential that cases such as these are handled by competent and experienced Solicitors, who can ascertain whether the dog owner in question has either pet or home insurance, or other means to address such a claim, and can measure the extent of the owners liability.

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